Ultra-Efficient Electric Personal Tender

There are few truly revolutionary designs in naval architecture, but IYD’s Displacement Monomaran is surely one of them. Sliver’s design marries the efficiency of a stabilized slender monohull with the latest in electric propulsion systems to produce a personal tender that is unlike anything else on the market. With styling cues that are reminiscent of 1920’s gentleman’s racers and elegant English slipper craft, but which still manages to be contemporary and cutting-edge, she is sure to draw the admiration of onlookers as she slips effortlessly and silently into port.

Recent improvements in battery technology have made electric powered craft a viable alternative. The mastervolt e-propulsion system produces speeds of up to 18 knots and can be tailored to suit your individual speed and range requirements. There is the option to incorporate thin-film solar panels into the deck, or even a hybrid propulsion system for completely autonymous operation.

In keeping with Sliver’s eco-friendly credentials, construction sees the use of strip-plank timber from plantation grown trees to produce an epoxy composite monocoque structure that is both robust and very light. Each boat is custom hand-built by skilled craftsmen to ensure that it is as individual as you are…. 


copyright 2014 IYD